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There are three outputs in YO.US.T.A.R. project:

IO1 is a Literature Review and a Methodological Framework: 10 youth workers involved in the focus groups in each country= 70 participants in total.




Executive summary in Serbian

Executive summary in Greek

Executive summary in Italian

Executive summary in Swedish



IO2 is the YO.US.T.A.R. Toolkit with pilot sessions in all partner countries, where young participants will be trained in the YO.US.T.A.R. method for a total of 210 youngsters with fewer opportunities

YouStar Toolkit Slovenian

YouStar Toolkit English

YouStar Toolkit Serbian

YouStar Toolkit Spanish

YouStar Toolkit Swedish

YouStar Toolkit Italian

YouStar Toolkit Bulgarian

YouStar Toolkit Greek

IO3 is the YOUSTAR Recommendations for practitioners and compared analysis, where theatre staff and youth workers will find useful tips to work with theatre techniques and youth with fewer opportunities.
Recommendations for practitioners Greek

Recommendations for practitioners Bulgarian

Recommendations for practitioners Italian

Recommendations for practitioners Serbian

Recommendations for practitioners Slovenian

Recommendations for practitioners Spanish

Recommendations for practitioners Swedish

Other activities included in the project:

° Learning Teaching Training (C1 in Palermo): from each country 3 youth workers (21 youth workers in total) who will participate to the Train-The-Trainers event to directly experience YO.US.T.A.R. methodology

° Multiplier events (E1-E7): each partner will organise a final conference in the last month of the project to disseminate the results with 40 participants per country reaching 280 participants in total.